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Liquor - Beverages
Grille 620

Jacques Bonnet (Rail)


GENERAL Liquor Mods:Appletini +$3Bailey's Float +$1Bay Breeze +$0.50Big Cube Black Russian +$1Bloody Mary +$1Blue Cheese Olives +$0.50Boulevardier +$4Cape Cod +$0.50Chilled Club Soda Collins +$0.50Cosmo +$3Cranberry +$0.50Cream +$0.25Decaf Coffee Diet Pepsi Dirty Dry Easy on Ice Extra Dry G.M. Float +$4Gibson Rocks +$3Gibson Up +$3Gimlet Rocks +$2.50Gimlet Up +$2.50Gingerale Grapefruit +$0.50Grenadine Greyhound +$0.50Ice In Rocks Glass Lemon Lemon Drop Rocks +$3Lemon Drop Up +$3Lime Manhattan Cube +$3Manhattan Rocks +$3Manhattan Up +$3Margarita Rocks +$2Margarita Up +$2Martini Rocks +$3Martini Up +$3Milk +$0.50Mule +$2Neat Negroni +$3No Ice No Make No Rim No Salt O.J. +$0.50Old Fashioned +$3Olives Paper Plane +$4Pepsi Perfect Pineapple +$0.50Rocks Glass Salt Rim Sazarac +$3Screwdriver +$1Sea Breeze +$0.50Shot Sour Spicy Splash Sprite Stirred Sugar Rim Sweet Tall Tonic Twist Up Vermouth Water White Russian +$2
Server Note:DO NOT MAKE HALAL TABLE With Coffee Birthday Anniversary See Server Rush To Go Extra Plate Split for 2 Vegan Vegeterian Special Occasion Double
Allergy:Dairy Allergy Egg Allergy Fish Allergy Gluten Free Peanut Allergy Shell Fish Allergy Soy Allergy Tree Nut Allergy Wheat Allergy Other Allergy